Women's Issues

Issues effecting women’s lives are as pervasive as they are misunderstood. Women must balance instincts for nurturing against the need for achievement. The need for connection against the need for independence. The desire to put family first with the need to prioritize work. Whether you’re a single working mother, a woman living alone off a trust fund, or a grandmother looking ahead to the next chapter, chances are you have more balls in the air than a juggler. We are here for all the complex, beautiful, maddening, insanity-producing, exultant aspects that make up the life of a woman. Whatever issues you’re facing, I stand ready to support you.

Menopause Coaching

Do you have changes you have been wanting or needing to make for a long time now but it just doesn’t seem to happen?

Are you tired of just getting by and now you are ready to take the leap in moving your health and wellness forward?

Do you have questions about Women’s Health that you are too embarrassed to ask even your doctor?

Discover a new and exciting approach to taking charge of your health and your life.