Treatment Placement

Dawn LaCarte Treatment Placement

Navigating healthcare treatment can be complicated and confusing.  It’s an overwhelming responsibility to be the one to decide which facility is best for yourself, or for a loved one in crisis.  I provide advice, guidance, and support every step of the way, to assure the best clinical match and to present the best possible case for admission and outcome. 

As a treatment placement professional, I bring my years of training, experience, and relationships in the treatment recovery space to take on this otherwise-overwhelming task on your behalf. 

With an extensive, trusted network of facilities and professionals in place, I stay up to date by vetting treatment centers and expanding my professional network. This allows me to match each client with a clinically-appropriate, high-quality program from anywhere in the U.S.

I gather background information and review psychological testing and diagnostic assessments to build a comprehensive clinical picture. I generate a report with recommended treatment options and facilities for you and your family.

I assist with admission to your chosen facility or program, and can also be instrumental with aftercare recommendations to transitional living, intensive outpatient programs and individual therapists. 

It takes years of clinical training and experience to develop the expertise it takes to make the best decision during these emotional times.

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