Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching Photo for Addiction

You’ve been drinking or consuming drugs to excess, and your life is beginning to fray at the edges. Or perhaps you've been struggling more than usual with your mental health.

If you’re not in a downward spiral quite yet, you recognize you’re about to be. And understandably, waking up one day and changing your life feels overwhelming. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through your recovery alone. 

With my guidance as an experienced, CCAR credentialed Recovery Coach (also known as a Sober Coach) and a clear plan in place, you absolutely have the power and resources you’ll need to change your situation. 

With professional experience in all facets of a Recovery Oriented System of Care, I’m a well-rounded, results-oriented clinician you can trust. 

As a proud member of the recovery community, I’ve been right where you are — and I applaud you for choosing to recover from substance use disorder. 

What is Recovery Coaching? 

Recovery Coaching is a collaborative, strengths-based approach to changing your relationship to alcohol or drugs, or help you successfully navigate your mental health struggles. It’s designed to help you get healthy, meet your goals, and move to a more positive place in your life.

Each person comes to recovery with a different idea of what they want to achieve. Within the framework of a 30-day or 90-day plan, our recovery coaching work will always be based on an individualized, comprehensive plan inclusive of all major life areas that we create together.

Depending on your needs, Recovery Coaching can be:


  • A compliment to your inpatient residential treatment or support for other programs with which you may be involved (Alcoholics Anonymous, for example).
  • A structured after-care plan after residential treatment.
  • An additional way to strengthen ties to community support groups.
  • A way to get back on track after relapse.

During your recovery coaching process, we’ll focus on these principles:

  • Future-Focused. We’ll navigate the present as we set goals for the future.
  • Accountability. You’ll stay on track through meetings, phone calls, and homework.
  • Reality Based. Learn how to stay sober in the real-life environments where you actually live and work.

Recovery Management Services

When friends or family are searching for the best care for their loved ones facing addiction, I conduct a thorough assessment to develop a comprehensive, individualized plan. I help them access the best treatment options, coordinate care, and assist in navigating the behavioral healthcare system.

With proven resources customized to your individual needs, along with a skilled clinician supporting you, achieving continued recovery is possible. I’m here to help.

Schedule your complimentary session to learn more about the customized Recovery Management options to fit your needs.

Schedule your complimentary session to learn more about the customized Recovery Coaching options to fit your needs.