Recovery Coaching

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I applaud everyone that chooses to recover from substance use disorder. The road into and out of addiction is complicated and requires someone clinically trained, 

 Choosing recovery can be a difficult path and I am here to guide you. Recovery coaching is helpful as:

  • A compliment to inpatient residential treatment
  • A way to get back on track after relapse
  • A structured after care plan after residential treatment
  • An additional way to strengthen ties to community support groups

Recovery coaching focuses on these principles:

  • Future-Focused: Navigate the present, and set goals for the future
  • Professional Guidance: Follow proven plans with our 30- and 90-day programs
  • Accountability: Reinforce accountability through meetings, phone calls, and homework
  • Build on 12 Steps: Strengthen other programs with which you may be involved
  • Real-Life: Learn how to stay sober in the actual environments where you live and work

Recovery coaching will help you achieve your goals. You have the power to live a better life, let us guide you there. Together we will develop a plan that greatly increases your chances of succeeding

Our personal journeys inform our mission and help us ground the work we do every day.

 You’ve been drinking or consuming drugs to excess — and it’s showing. Your life is beginning to fray at the edges. You recognize that you’re in or on the verge of a downward spiral. Perhaps things are not so bad but they could get worse and you want to avoid that. 

 You want to change your current situation but you are overwhelmed. It feels like it’s too much to do on your own. Let’s do this together. Alcohol or drugs may not be playing any part of your current situation — it may be more mental health related — we can still help!

 With the guidance of an experienced, well-trained and credentialed Recovery Coach (also known as a Sober Coach) and a clear plan in place, you can absolutely change your situation. Our female and male Recovery Coaches have a breadth and depth of professional experience in all facets of a Recovery Oriented System of Care which makes us well rounded and an asset to those we work with. 

What is Recovery Coaching?


Recovery Coaching is a collaborative, strengths-based approach to changing your relationship to alcohol or drugs, getting healthy and to a better place in your life.

Changing your relationship to alcohol or drugs is no small feat, and every person comes to recovery with a different idea of what they want to achieve. When you hire us as your Recovery Coach — we are working together to identify and design a personalized change-plan – with your goals, your schedule, and a better life in mind.


Recovery Management Services

My addiction recovery management service helps friends, families and individuals achieve long-term recovery integrated into their lives

Addiction can feel like an insurmountable problem for families and individuals - it's difficult to know where or how to start.

I conduct a thorough assessment to develop a comprehensive, individualized plan to access the best treatment options, coordinate care, and navigate the behavioral healthcare system.
We're committed to providing outstanding clinical care, backed by the latest science, and an amazing client experience driven by ethical standards

Achieving continued recovery can be tough but with specific resources customized to your individual needs, along with a clinically skilled recovery team, it IS possible


You can do this and getting started is simple