Dawn LaCarte, Interventionist


When someone close to you is struggling with substance abuse or a mental health issue, it causes strain, tension, and sadness among friends and family. 

You feel helpless. You want to help the one you love, without making an already delicate situation worse.

When you feel you’ve reached this impasse — or you want to avoid hitting this wall — the time is right for professional intervention services. 

Schedule your complimentary session to learn more about customized intervention options to fit your needs. 

As a professional interventionist and certified clinician with years of training and practice, I work with you to achieve safe, positive, respectful outcomes — and take the burden off your shoulders. 

We already share a common goal — to get your loved one help, above all else.

What is a Professional Intervention?

An intervention is a professionally-directed process to help an individual recognize the negative effects their substance use has on themselves and others in their lives — and to present her or him with an opportunity to receive help and make changes... 

However, most people don’t realize that this is just the beginning.

When your loved one is deep in the throes of substance abuse, they’re often in denial and ambivalent about how severe their situation has become.

A professional intervention helps your loved one make the connection between their problematic use of alcohol and/or drugs and the issues they’re experiencing in their life.

As your interventionist, I institute a sense of structure, calmness, and control during this chaotic time. I work closely with your family, help troubleshoot the destructive patterns, and help guide everyone towards long-term recovery. 

Our goal is to present your loved one with a safe and structured opportunity  to receive help — and to make changes before things get worse. 

I’ve been trained by some of the best in the field, including board-certified American Interventionists Jeff and Debra Jay — and I bring years of experience to each successful intervention.

Schedule your complimentary session to learn more about customized intervention options to fit your needs.