Professional Intervention

If someone close to you is in struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder and it’s causing a strain with close friends and family, the time might be right for professional intervention services. It's understandably difficult to want to help someone you care about while not being sure how to discuss treatment without making the situation worse.

Choosing a professional intervention rather than staging the conversation on your own makes the process easier for everyone. From removing the burden of organization to conversation coaching to arranging treatment, a professional interventionist offers the necessary expertise to promote safe and positive outcomes. My background as a certified clinician offers years of training and practice with a variety of intervention types. I'm here to work with you to ensure a productive and respectful experience that places getting your loved one help above all else.

 An Intervention is a professionally-directed process designed to help an individual recognize the negative effects their substance use has on themselves and others — and to present her or him with an opportunity to receive help and make changes. However, it does not stop there.

When a person is actively misusing substances they are often in denial and ambivalent about their situation and may not recognize the negative effects their behavior has on themselves and others. An Intervention helps the person make the connection between their problematic use of alcohol and/or drugs and the issues they are likely experiencing in their life.

As soon as an Interventionist is engaged, a sense of structure, calmness, and control can be delivered to what can be a chaotic time. I work closely with the family, help troubleshoot the destructive patterns, and help guide everyone towards long-term recovery. The goal of an Intervention is to present the substance user  with a safe and structured opportunity  to receive help  and to make changes before things get worse. 

I have been trained by some of the best in the field. My training with board-certified American Interventionists Jeff & Debra Jay through their company Love First is the model I use within my practice that has the most positive impact on individuals and their families.