Life Transitions

Dawn LaCarte facing sunset

You should hear yourself talk. (You’ll feel so much better.)

Life has many miniature eras and shifting gears between them isn’t always seamless. Nobody makes it to adulthood without scars. Maybe you’re an empty nester struggling with feelings of purpose when your youngest left for college. You could be facing cohabitation with an aging parent who now needs care, or making the difficult decision to move that parent into an assisted-living facility. Perhaps you have a newly blended family, or you’ve welcomed an adoptive child into your life. Whatever transition you and your family are going through, you will benefit from support—and I guide you through this transformation to integrate it in a healthy wayIf you’re coping with a loss; going through a transition; living with stress, depression, or anxiety; or simply want to experience more joy in your life, I can help. The key to success? You won’t be treated like a patient. Instead, you’ll feel like a trusted friend — one I'll engage with openly and collaboratively to create real change. Whether this is your first time meeting with a coach or you’ve been in therapy since childhood, you’ll feel welcome and safe, seen and heard.

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