Family & Parent Coaching

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Is your family going through a difficult time? 

If so, it’s very common. Every family is a truly unique ecosystem, and issues affecting one member of a family can reverberate throughout the whole family unit. 

It can be hard to let go of the idea that your family is somehow different, and that what you’ve always done will work forever. But the truth is, just about every family can benefit from family coaching when problems arise. 

With your family at the epicenter of healing, encouraging participation and re-discovering the natural and unbreakable connection between loved ones, —  you’re creating a secure foundation to break chains of generational hurt.

For example, family coaching can provide clarity, healing, and improved or restored communication when your family is navigating:

  • The grief that comes with loss
  • A family member’s substance abuse
  • Issues between parents, or the trauma of a divorce
  • A teenager’s behavior issues 
  • Sibling conflict
  • And much more

How does family coaching help?

As a member of your family you’re right in the  middle of the conflict and other difficulties — and family coaching provides an invaluable outside perspective. 

It can transform your family’s communication as it provides a safe space for dialogue, helping family members finally understand each other’s perspectives. 

You’ll find that once you’re feeling more connected, resolving disputes becomes much easier. 

Schedule your complimentary session to learn more about the customized family coaching or parent coaching session options to fit your needs. 

During the family coaching sessions, each family member learns to communicate more effectively and de-escalate arguments to make sure everyone feels respected and heard. We’ll also apply techniques to work through parenting issues like conflicting parenting styles, rule enforcement, remaining consistent with your child once the rules are established, and much more.

Family Coaching for Substance Abuse & Addiction Issues

Because the goal of family coaching is to improve relationships through effective communication and conflict resolution, it’s often a powerful complement to individual addiction treatment. 

When family members do their own work to grow and learn, the family member in treatment benefits too. As the family learns how to hold healthy boundaries and avoid enabling the member’s unhealthy habits — which is often happening unintentionally — the family member with addiction issues becomes less prone to addictive behaviors and dysfunction.

No matter what issues your family is facing, family coaching sessions involve all members of the family and can heal emotional wounds in a short period of time.

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Parent Coaching

The unique, supportive experience of Parent Coaching is ideal for families who prefer a direct and brief approach to further the goals you and your co-parent already agree on.

You’ll be supported as a parent on your own healing journey, with the larger goal of reestablishing positive family relationships with improved communication.

If you’re seeking specific support to navigate your child’s individualized substance abuse, mental health and developmental needs, a professional parent coach provides psychoeducation and support in the development of strategies that fosters healthy communication and coping skills. 

The Coach can connect you with support groups and resources for long-term assistance. Our coaching team is available throughout the week and your coaching plan can include up to twice weekly 60-minute sessions with your certified parent coach..

Schedule your complimentary session to learn more about the customized family coaching or parent coaching session options to fit your needs. 

Virtual Family Support & Education Groups

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Understanding Addiction & Mental Health Issues 

In this group, we offer an introduction to addiction and an overview of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and trauma. We’ll also discuss how these diseases impact the family system.

Detaching With Love

In this group, we’ll focus on healthy boundaries, accountability, structure, and boundary setting, plus how to use a language of empowerment.

Addiction & Mental Health Issues as a Family Disease

In this group, we’ll explore common family issues and patterns, exploration of what a healthy family system looks like, and how it functions.

Taking Care of Yourself First Toolkit Building

In this group, we’ll assess and review personal self-care habits and how to turn your attention towards yourself. We’ll build healthy habits around resisting the desire to control the outcome by working on understanding your own unmet needs with individual therapy. You’ll gain coping strategies, work on emotional regulation, and grow with group support.

Understanding Codependency

This group offers psychoeducation, an evidence-based therapeutic intervention that provides information and support. You’ll better understand and cope with issues around aspects of codependency like enmeshment, the Family Drama Triangle, and how to distinguish between helping versus enabling.

Healthy Communication

In this group, we’ll work to assess and identify current communication issues. You gain psychoeducation around healthy communication to improve the family connection.

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