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Dawn LaCarte

I’m Dawn —  counselor, coach, interventionist, grief educator and clinical behavioral healthcare professional of over 25 years. An upstate NY native, I hold a Bachelor's of Art in Sociology and Criminal Justice from University at Albany-SUNY, where I also pursued  my master’s degree in social work. I'm an Advanced Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, Clinical Interventionist, Certified Recovery Coach, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Master Certified Life Coach and Certified Grief Educator who has worked numerous capacities, in all treatment modalities including senior-level administration, therapist and business development.

Much more importantly, who are my clients? 

They’re people I truly admire. The ones bravely facing addiction head-on. Or struggling with addiction in a different way, because someone they love is caught in its web and they need help finding the best treatment placement.

Sometimes, they need a compassionate professional to help them process the trauma that comes with life’s transitions such as empty nest syndrome, a sudden career change or grief and loss. 

Perhaps, they need insight into why they’re sabotaging their relationships — they’ve been so hurt in the past, they don’t know how to accept the beauty in the present. 

Whatever brought you here today, you should be proud of yourself for taking this powerful first step — because yes, just reading this website is a step towards caring for yourself. 

I’m here to make sure you feel embraced, seen, heard, and deeply understood as you heal. Because you will be.

My treatment philosophy centers on providing insight and perspectives to help you heal from the past — while primarily focusing on the clear next steps for your future that you can take today. 

I’ve worked extensively with clients and patients navigating substance abuse disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma, grief, loss, and more. 

These days I focus my practice on Life Coaching, Therapeutic Recovery Coaching, Professional Intervention, and Treatment Placement.

A wife for decades, a mom, and avid albeit inconsistent gardener, I like to help individuals weed out what’s not working for them and learn to nourish and effectively grow more of what works.

When I’m not working with my clients, you’ll find me spending time with my family (including Chloe, my Cavalier King Charles), or tending my garden. I’m also in long-term recovery myself, and love staying connected with my recovery community.

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